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Ocean Sciences Courses
OS 512 - Introduction to Chemical and Physical Oceanography
Principles of physical, chemical, and geological oceanography including discussions of air-sea interaction, biogeochemical cycling and the role of the ocean in modulating climate and atmospheric composition; discussion section will cover formulation of basic calculations that illustrate these principles. Prerequisite: CHEM 105bL, MATH 126.
OS 590 - Directed Research
Research leading to the master's degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.
OS 594 - Master's Thesis
Credit on acceptance of thesis. Graded IP/CR/NC.
OS 599 - Special Topics
Course contents each semester will be selected to reflect current trends and new developments in the field of Ocean Sciences.
OS 790 - Research
Research leading to the doctorate. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.
OS 794 - Doctoral Dissertation
Credit on acceptance of dissertation. Graded IP/CR/NC.
Earth Sciences Courses
GEOL 500 - Marine Paleoecology
Principles of marine paleoecology; interrelationships between marine organisms and their environment in geologic time. Prerequisite: GEOL 433L; recommended preparation: GEOL 577
GEOL 511 - Depositional Systems
Analysis of depositional systems, including conceptual methods of lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy, and paleoecology; description of major depositional environments. Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.
GEOL 514 - Marine Geology
Origin and characteristics of ocean basins; marine sedimentary environments; shoreline classification and character; evolution of oceanic features. Lecture, 3 hours; research conference, 1 hour.
GEOL 525 - The Science of Climate Change
Introduction to the fundamental aspects and the factors that influence ocean and atmospheric behavior, and how the earth's climate has varied in the past.
GEOL 555 - Paleoceanography
Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleoceanography; analytical approaches applied to water mass history, paleocirculation, paleoproductivity, nutrient cycling, and paleotemperature reconstruc-tion. Lecture, readings, and research project. Recommended preparation: GEOL 412 or GEOL 512 and GEOL 460L.
GEOL 560 - Marine Geochemistry
Principles of chemical sedimentology and aquatic chemistry; diagenesis, authigenesis, and the geochemical cycle. Prerequisite: GEOL 460L.
GEOL 566 - Geochemistry Seminar
Current topics in geochemistry.
GEOL 567 - Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Theoretical basis; nuclide nomenclature, partition function ratios, mechanisms and rates of isotope exchange; mass spectrometry and extraction techniques; application of stable isotopes to geologic problems.
GEOL 577 - Micropaleontology
Microscopic fossils, especially foraminifera, their classification, the common genera, morphology, evolutionary trends; laboratory and field techniques. Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory and fieldwork, 6 hours. Recommended preparation: GEOL 433L.
GEOL 601 - Seminar in Sedimentary Geology
Analysis and discussion of current topics in sedimentary geology; topics will be chosen by students and faculty to focus on areas of recent advances.
Marine and Environmental Biology Courses
BISC 529 - Seminar in Marine Biology
Graded CR/NC.
BISC 530 - Advanced Seminar in Plankton Biology
An overview of phytoplankton and zooplankton taxa, their morphologies and life histories using material collected from the local environment off LA and near the Phillip K. Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island.
BISC 532 - Advanced Seminar in Molecular and Microbial Ecology
Microorganisms dominate biological processes in the ocean. These species pose significant problems for estimating species diversity, abundance and activity. Examination of modern molecular biological approaches for analyzing aquatic microbial communities and their ecological roles.
BISC 536 - Advanced Seminar in Marine/Global N Cycle
Biological processes in marine ecosystems strongly affect the cycling of important elements on our planet. Examination of the interplay between ocean biology and the cycling of carbon and nitrogen on a local, regional and global scale.
BISC 581 - Current Problems in Marine Sciences
In-depth studies on selected problems of current interest in the marine sciences. Lecture and laboratory.
BISC 582 - Advanced Biological Oceanography
Aspects of physics and chemistry of the oceans. Qualitative and quantitative considerations of the ecology of pelagic and benthic communities.
BISC 585 - Scientific Writing and Reviewing
Hands-on experience writing and reviewing scientific literature. The review process and participation in writing and reviewing their own proposals.


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